Universal Work Horse - Jazz (UWH-J)

This UWH-J model (designed for Gidon Nunes Vaz) is designed for free play, colouring, staying together and centered in the high register without getting a stiff feel.

The standard bracing for this model is of a minimalist design. The model on the photo has all nickel silver (rolled over) outer slides, all goldbrass inners and slide bows and Large Red Brass bell. This bell is dark sounding when petted and will still sizzle your socks off when pushed especially in the upper high register.

Just like on all our instruments everything you see can be customized but this UWH-J model is the starting point for a trumpet designed for playing jazz/pop music.

Below you can hear a snippet of Gidon playing his very first notes on his custom trumpet built for for him in March 2022

Yamaha 8315G Flugelhorn

Very thankful for the cooperation and help of mr. Hideichi Aoyagi from Yamaha Atelier Tokyo and mr. Thomas Lubitz from Yamaha Atelier Hamburg. Since my first visit in 2016 in Hamburg and 2018 in Tokyo, they have helped me with improvements, choosing an instrument and custom mouthpiece work.